Dem Pollster on Midterms: ‘No Question Kavanaugh Hearings Woke up Republicans’

‘The Kavanaugh hearing certainly woke them up, but elections still a month off 


MELLMAN: "There's no question that Kavanaugh hearings woke up Republicans who really, you know, not so sure about Donald Trump, not so sure about whether how important it is for them to go out and support Republicans in Congress, who they really don't like. I mean, Republicans don't feel very favorably about their own congressional leadership. So, there are some doubts there, the Kavanaugh hearing certainly woke them up. But election is still a month off and the reality is Kavanaugh is seated as a justice of the Supreme Court, the issue is over. So are they going to go back to their previous lethargy or are they going to continue to be excited? We have no idea."

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