Progressive Radio Host Warns: Pence Would Be Worse than Trump as President

‘I think Mike Pence is more dangerous than Donald Trump’


PRESS: "Yeah, first of all, I got to say there are a lot more than a hundred reasons. My biggest challenge was exercising the discipline to keep it to only a hundred. I've invited people on my website at to add their own reasons because there are many more than a hundred. But on the one reason, you know, there are I think several actually. As a talk show host, I know that Donald Trump— and TV commentator, I know Donald Trump is good for ratings, so maybe the media would like to keep him around because he's good for ratings. I think, as Democratic activists have told me, another reason to keep him around would be because there are more Democrats, particularly women running for office this year than ever before. And again, the excitement and enthusiasm he's generated and turnout has really worked so in a sense, he's been really good for the Democratic Party. But the number one reason I believe is Mike Pence, because if he were to be impeached, Mike Pence would become president. And I think Mike Pence is more dangerous than Donald Trump. He gives the impression of being kind of soft-spoken and reasonable and maybe even not such an extreme conservative Republican and the fact is he's more of a true believer and he's more, he's farther to the right than Donald Trump and I think he could be more effective because he's been governor, he's been a member of the Congress, he has good relationships with Republicans in the Congress and I think he could get things done. My feeling is if Mike pence were president today, we would already have the money for the wall. Donald Trump hasn't been able to get it, Mike Pence could have done it. So be aware of what you ask for, that's my warning there, that if we get stuck with Mike Pence, we could be in even deeper trouble."

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