Juan Williams: Why Doesn’t Trump ‘Apologize to Ms. Ford?’

‘A majority of Americans believed Professor Ford, not Justice Kavanaugh’


WILLIAMS: "No, I think it’s about the same. And the bottom line is, 51 percent of Americans did not approve of this man’s confirmation. In addition to it, a majority of Americans believed Professor Ford, not Justice Kavanaugh. This is going to go on for some time and if you want to get into women, Dana, American women are overwhelming in their disapproval of Kavanaugh. When you hear people say oh, my gosh, what we see here is President Trump basically having a campaign ad at the White House and throwing it in people’s faces. That’s what it felt like."

GUTFELD: "He was apologizing to a family whose lives were ruined."

WILLIAMS: "Why didn’t he apologize to Ms. Ford?"



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