Fox News: Sheila Jackson Lee’s Former Staffer Pleads Not Guilty to Doxxing GOPers

‘Things are not looking good for this former staffer’


FISHER: “Hey Sean. Yeah, things are not looking good for this former staffer to a Democratic congresswoman. Today, he was denied bail. The judge said prosecutors showed that no conditions could ensure the community’s safety if the suspect was released. His name is Jackson Cosko, He is 27 years old and accused of committing several felonies. He’s accused of s releasing a Republican senator’s personal information online during the September 27th Judiciary Committee hearing about sexual assault allegations against then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He’s also accused of threatening a witness, unlawfully accessing a government computer, burglary of a senatorial office, and he’s accused of doing all of this while working as a staffer for Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. He was arrested six days ago after a staffer caught him working on a computer where he was not authorized to be. According to a Capitol police officer’s affidavit, Cosko threatened the staffer and then he threatened to leak information about the health of Senator’s children and their social security numbers. So, Sean, he is facing some very serious accusations. But today, he pleaded not guilty on all counts.”

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