Michael Allen: Nikki Haley Is a ‘GOP Superstar’

‘Who didn’t previously have foreign policy experience, but now she does’


PERINO: “U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announcing her resignation this morning announcing she will leave her post attend of the year. Lawmakers like chuck grassley weighing in. He tweeted I am very sad Nikki Haley is resigning. She was such a strong voice at the U.N. She was uncompromising on human rights and religious freedom, an area where the U.S. Has been weak in the past. She will be sorely missed. Michael Allen joins me now. He served as special assistant to George W. Bush at the national Security Council. Do you have any sense on the timing of this?”

ALLEN: “I just looked at it as she’s had a successful run. She’s a GOP superstar who didn’t previously have foreign policy experience, but now she does. And she probably looked at it as, now’s a chance to go out in the private sector, spend time with my family and maybe get ready for another turn to government.”

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