Jarrett Stepman: If Dems Really Want To Win, They Need To Win on the Issues Instead of Attacking the Electoral College

‘The electoral college was created to preserve majority rules and the rights of the minority’


PERINO: "Let me ask you this in the limited time we have. If the Democrats were insistent on trying to abolish the electoral college, what kind of hoops do they have to get through? How much does it take to get it passed?"

STEPMAN: "They would have to pass a constitutional amendment to get this thing removed. I think very large bar. If they really want to win, they need to win on the issues instead of attacking the institution like electoral college, like the Supreme Court, that have been the very heart of our Republican system for over two centuries that have produced the freest, most stable government in world history. That’s something we don’t just willy-nilly throw away."

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