Willie Geist on Trump: ‘Time and Again When the President Gets a Chance To Heal the Country He Does the Opposite’

‘From Charlottesville forward and go back to the campaign as well’


GEIST: "Yeah. Time and again, when the President gets a chance to heal the country he does just the opposite, from Charlottesville forward, you can go back to the campaign as well. When you look at Brett Kavanaugh and that two-shot, how uncomfortable he must have felt — or maybe he didn’t, I don’t know, I can’t get inside his head — after what he’s been through the last month to have the politics continue. I’m sure he wanted to move on and get past this. But the President knows, and we know beginning last week with his change in tenor about this whole situation, that this is a good political cudgel for him, that it works for Republicans, that they feel as though they’re the ones under siege. And he’s going to push this, as he said explicitly yesterday, into the midterm elections."

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