‘It Was a Disaster’: Gohmert Says Boehner Passing Cromnibus Was a ‘Huge Mistake’

‘We could have another Democratic president in 2016. We have got to show the American people that they don’t need to abandon the Republican party’

"What we do in the next two years has a -- it is going to likely help determine whether we get a Republican or not in 2016. We saw how bad it was in 2012 when we didn’t fight like we promised we would. We didn’t keep our word about reading the bill in 2010.

For the speaker to run in and pass the Cromnibus that totally funds ObamaCare for all next year -- we took the hostage of the Homeland security. That was a huge mistake. But to borrow from a phrase from a few years ago, for Boehner to rush in when we had the control of the Senate coming into our hand this month, this week, and make a deal with Boehner that funds, everything Obama wanted for the year except Homeland security is it is like Custer saying, 'Come on boys, let's attack now before all our help gets here’ … It was a disaster. It broke our promises.”


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