Yamiche Alcindor: ‘President Trump Has Lowered the Decorum’

‘This is the idea that president Trump has lowered the decorum of what you can say and have allowed people to be more raw’


ALCINDOR: "No, I don’t think the protesters are paid by George Soros, but even further, what I want to say is that the Republican Party and a lot of the Republican leadership are really acting like Donald Trump. I’ve been really taken aback by covering President Trump and all this conversation that people had about him coming in and maybe being somehow watered down by the Republican leadership and maybe there are adults in the room who will make President Trump act in a different way. What we’ve seen and said is that everyone starts acting like President Trump. When Brett Kavanaugh testified, he was talking about the Clintons revenge, he was talking about the 2016 election, Lindsey Graham is using the word 'slut whore'. There is this idea that President Trump has lowered the decorum in a lot of people's minds of what you can say and really have allowed people to be more raw.” 

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