Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Openly Advocating Killing Cops at the Supreme Court

‘Next time I’ll bring a weapon’

PROTESTER: "— because these pigs, we're letting them win. They're armed and we're not, but there's a lot more of us than there are of them. So I will say straight up, when we all come back, if y'all got any guts about you, be ready to fight these motherf***ers and f*** their asses up. When y'all come back, be read to f*** up a pig. If you're not ready to f*** up a pig, then it's always going to be done like this. You've got oppressed women up there fighting for Kavanaugh by doing this police work. You've got black people up there oppressed by the system, fighting for Kavanaugh. You know, that's f***ed up!"

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