Soros-Funded Activist Who Accosted Flake Doesn’t Deny Being Paid to Protest

‘I am incredibly proud to have created spaces for so many people to tell their stories’

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CABRERA: "The president writing -- the rude elevate are screamer are paid professionals. Paid by Soros and others. These are not made in the basement from love, #troublemakers. What is your response to that?"
ARCHILA: "Effort spend my entire life building community organizations are where regular people who do not have power, do not have money find community and build power together. That work has been public for as long as I've been in it, since I was 23, and I am incredibly proud to have created spaces for so many people to tell their stories. Listen, community organizations play a really important role in advancing social change."
CABRERA: "Are you paid to be here?"
ARCHILA: "I am the executive director of one of the organizations that has been fighting for the elimination so I show up as an activist that's been doing this work, but first and foremost as a woman, as a survivor of sexual assault, as a mother, and someone who believes that fundamentally when we tell our stories, we create an opportunity for our democracy to be Seo to be more real and more grounded."

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