Chris Wallace: Kavanaugh Confirmation ‘Will Only Ignite’ Feeling Among Dems, Particularly Women, that GOP Is ‘Not Sympathetic’

‘That will empower them to go out in the polls’


WALLACE: "I always thought for the Democrats, as tough as it is to be to lose in the Senate in terms of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, that it would help them in the midterms. You’ve seen all of these people on Capitol Hill, hundreds of them, 300 arrested yesterday. I think this will only ignite the feeling among a lot of Democrats, particularly women, that the Republican Party is not sympathetic to their interests. Suburban women especially. That will empower them to go out in the polls. The question had always been which would be more helpful to Republicans, to win or lose in the Senate? I begin to think winning is the best thing. Had they lost, that might have disspirited the base. You do see just in the fight over Kavanaugh according to the polls, a real rise in enthusiasm. There's been a big gap in intensity between Democrats, who seem very interested in the midterms and Republicans that did not seem so energized. But there's a lot of feeling among the Republican conservative base that Kavanaugh has not been dealt with fairly. In a lot of the polls you see, what used to see a gap of as much as 10 or 12 points in enthusiasm is now only plus 2 for the Democrats."

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