Rep. Swalwell Praises Kavanaugh Protesters: ‘Women Have Saved Our Butts in the First Two Years of Trump’s Administration’

‘On January 21st after the inauguration, we saw women go to the town squares’


CABRERA: "Congressman, there is recent polling that indicates Republicans may have been more energized after all of the controversy that has swirled around Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Are you concerned about that?"

SWALWELL: "No but, you know, Ana, on January 21 after the inauguration, we saw women go to the town squares and went to Washington. When the Affordable Care Act was on the line, 80 percent of the calls that went to congressional offices came from women and we saved the Affordable Care Act. Women have saved our butts in the whole Trump Administration in the first two years. I think we can count on them, especially the women that have stepped up, thousands of women running for office, either for Congress, or locally across America, they are the path forward this November."

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