Anti-Kavanaugh Activist: ‘As a Trans Woman, I’m Told I Don’t Matter,’ ‘I Have What We Like to Call a Penis’

‘People like Kavanaugh want nothing but to steal, kill and destroy the American dream’


GISELLE: “As a black woman, I am told to be quiet. As a woman, period, I am told I am invalid. And as a trans woman, I am told I don’t matter. Kavanaugh wants to stop people like you, like me no matter what we identify with on the inside, anybody that says they are a woman and proud of it, Kavanaugh says no. Kavanaugh says stop where you are because any story that you can tell on me I’m going to be able to get off, get over and get by because I have what we like to call a penis. I stand here today as somebody who has been through transgressions on all three fronts, and I want to say that I stand with all women. You are my sisters no matter the road that we took to get here. We are all women. We are all survivors. We should all be believed.

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