Liz Cheney: ‘Absolutely Abhorrent’ the Way Feinstein and Dems Weaponized False Charges of Assault

‘Charges like this can be brought with absolutely no corroboration’


CHENEY: "When you look at what the Senate Democrats are doing, as evil as disgraceful as cold-hearted and, you know, all the years that I have been watching politics in this town, I think what they have done is clearly try to unleash a whole bunch of false charges to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. He is a good man. This is a good family. He ought to be on the Supreme Court. And -- and I certainly am hearing from women and in particular moms, all across this country who are saying wait a second, you know, charges like this can be brought with absolutely no corroboration. And you watch how Senator Feinstein and the committee Democrats have handled this. It is an absolutely abhorrent. They have tried to weaponize false charges of sexual assault. And -- and I think they all ought to be ashamed of themselves. So I’m certainly hopeful he will be confirmed."

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