Gingrich: I Do Not Believe the American People Are Going To Reward Left-Wing Socialists

‘You have a degree of optimism about the election in 34 days’


GINGRICH: "Yes. So my guess is you have senator Collins and senator Murkowski which are solid people that have talk this through, and I think they will talk this through for the judge. I don’t know what flake will do although he indicated pretty clearly if the FBI comes up with nothing, he will vote yes. I think the odds are pretty high that Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia is going to vote yes. You will be in a state where trump got 46% margin, it’s a certain level of, if you are up for reelection, presumption. So tonight maybe things will change but my senses tonight that you are going to have either Saturday or Monday, a “Yes” vote, and he will be confirmed. The one I hope you are right. 34 days from now. I knew you back in ‘94. I knew you the day of the election and the day before. That’s a night you became speaker of the house. Renewing civilization, culminating a contract with America and culminating the Republicans coming to power for the first time in 40 years. Confident, we are going to win. That’s a pretty bold prediction considering Republicans hadn’t won in 40 years, but were right. You have a degree of optimism about the election in 34 days may be because I’m Irish, or maybe because I’ve always expected the worst the next second of any day but I don’t have the confidence you do."

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