Juan Williams: ‘Shocking’ to Me that Half of Americans Think Trump’s Racist

‘Two thirds of Americans think race relations are worse under President Trump’


WILLIAMS: "You also have to pay attention to policies. You have to pay attention to the fact that the voter fraud commission that could find no voter fraud and then people say is this about voter suppression?"
KILMEADE: "None of the attorney generals in these states would cooperate." [crosstalk]
WILLIAMS: "You have to pay attention to more of than that one of the difficulties is, I think, it's so easy to get caught up, Brian, in labels and saying someone is racist. But I think that closes ears and I really think it's important that we talk to each other, and so I try to get beyond that. But right now, if you just look at the polling. The polling is incredible. Two thirds of Americans think race relations are worse under President Trump. That he — they disapproved of his handling of race relations. And, you know, what’s shocking to me is half of Americans, including 11 percent of Republicans think he is racist. That’s what they say."

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