Coons: I’m Voting Against Kavanaugh Because ‘He’s Outside the Legal Mainstream’

‘I don’t agree with Judge Kavanaugh’s legal philosophy’


COONS: "I mean, in fairness, Senator Coons, you were already going to vote against Judge Kavanaugh anyway. And you voted against Judge Gorsuch as well. So I’m sure some people might be sitting there going, 'Well, wait a minute, isn’t this exactly what is wrong with the process in the first place? Everybody’s voting along partisan lines.'”
COONS: “Savannah, I decided I was going to vote against Judge Kavanaugh after days of interviews and after reviewing his speeches, his writings, and his opinions on the D.C. circuit. I think he’s outside the legal mainstream. Jeff’s a conservative. He would like a conservative on the court, I’m not and I don’t agree with Judge Kavanaugh’s legal philosophy. This second chapter in his confirmation hearing that was occasioned by Dr. Ford coming forward with these allegations has rocked the Senate and has divided us in a very significant way. And I think what Jeff did that was brave and worth positive regard was saying, 'Let’s just pause for a week and give the FBI the opportunity to investigate is so the Senate can make a decision based on a more shared set of facts."

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