Watters: ‘The Democrats Are Not Doing Very Well Resisting Because This Economy Is Red-Hot, ISIS Is Ice-Cold’

‘I think it is smart politics’


WATTERS: "1 percent Joe. When he was in the primary in 2008, 1 percent, 1percent. He’s trying to go dirty early. I understand that because remember Michelle Obama said when they go low, we go high. Trump says when they go low, we go lower. Remember crooked Hillary when the NBC people, her friends, dropped the Access Hollywood tape and you know what he did the next day? He brought every single female that had been allegedly a victim of Bill Clinton or a mistress to the debate. It really got in crooked Hillary’s head. Said if I were president, you would be in jail. That was one of the most devastating things I’ve ever seen and now he is zeroing in on, like he calls her, Pocahontas. That’s a real beauty. That nickname is never going to leave. And then Spartacus. He had a great name for Cory Booker the other day when he said — who was the original spartacus?"

GUTFELD: "Kirk Douglas."

WATTERS: "Kirk Douglas. And now he is going after all these people. I think it is smart politics and the Democrats are not doing very well resisting because this economy is red-hot. ISIS is ice-cold. We got pipelines. We have two Supreme Court justices. They are not doing a very good job."

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