Jesse Watters on Hillary Bashing Trump Supporters: ‘Every Time She Pops up and Says Something, I Believe this Reinvigorates the Trump Base’

‘She is politically blind’


CARLSON: "It's just so stupid. I am not going to make fun of her because I legitimately feel bad for her. No one in her life can tell her to stop, this should be between Hillary and her shrink. But what I'm so struck by is her explanation, she sincerely believes Trump got elected because America is terrible. Racists voted for him. There are a lot of races. The actual truth is he got elected because she and people like her did a really bad job running the country. It was a message to her and people like her that what you have done, the decisions you’ve made have been deeply unwise and hurt America. And she can’t recognize or learn from it. None of them can. That’s the frustrating part."

WATTERS: "She is very politically blind and she doesn’t accept any responsibility for that loss. Every time she pops up and says something, I believe this reinvigorates the Trump base."

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