Wasserman Schultz Open to Extending ObamaCare’s Open Enrollment Period

‘There should absolutely be an openness to extending the open enrollment period’

TODD: "I want to go back to the first question I asked, you didn't answer specifically on what Jeanne Shaheen is calling for, that if these glitches aren't fixed in a timely manner, and everybody I have talked to in the administration says timely manner is getting this website up and truly running by December 1, should there be an extension to open enrollment?"
WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: "There should absolutely be an openness to extending the open enrollment period. I don't think there's anything wrong with that."
TODD: "Without the penalty?"
WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: "I think getting -- giving people as much opportunity to get coverage and if we can extend the open enrollment period and make sure that we can continue to move forward with implementation, that's the goal. The goal is to give people the time they need to shop arrange, to make the comparisons, to get covered and to make sure that when it comes to their health, they can focus on staying well."

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