Cotton: Ford ‘Has Been Victimized’ by the Dems Who Are on a ‘Search and Destroy Mission’ for Kavanaugh

‘—Creating the circus environment you’ve seen for the last two years’

JOHN DICKERSON: you’re not going to get a chance to talk about Miss Ford’s testimony and Mr. Kavanagh’s testimony. You watched it I assume, what was your- what was your take away from that?

SEN. COTTON: Judge Kavanaugh hundred percent denied these allegations. There is not a single bit of corroborating evidence. Every evidence that we do have to include the people that Miss Ford herself named either don’t recall this incident or they deny that it happened.

JOHN DICKERSON: Did you find Miss Ford.- Dr. Ford credible?

SEN. COTTON: Miss Ford was sympathetic and she was sincere. She has been victimized by the Democrats in this process, John. They betrayed her own requests for confidentiality. They leaked this to the media at the last minute because they are on a search and destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh.

JOHN DICKERSON: You said when we last talked in November, “I think it’s important that women feel they can come forward. That’s a good change in the norms and the expectations of our society.” A woman came forward here. And you’re saying basically she said nothing credible. How can women come forward, if when they do they’re- they’re told they’re not credible?

SEN. COTTON: She came forward confidentially to Dianne Feinstein. Dianne Feinstein did not share that with the proper authorities. Chuck Grassley, her counterpart, with whom she served for decades in the Senate—

JOHN DICKERSON: —I understand that—

SEN. COTTON: —and the FBI that could have reviewed these matter confidential- confidentially. Then they leaked it to the media—

JOHN DICKERSON: —alright, but Senator—

SEN. COTTON: —creating- creating the circus environment you’ve seen for the last two years.

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