Michelle Malkin Blasts Jeff Flake: He ‘Has Become the Enabler of the Resistance Movement’

‘I wish [Lindsey Graham’s] words had penetrated the clouded mind of Jeff Flake, which rhymes with snake’


MALKIN: "It’s a disgrace and I wish that last week would have ended on the high note of Lindsey Graham finally saying what needed to be said. I wish the words had penetrated the clouded mind of Jeff flake which Rimes with snake, it is no surprise that we had him act the way that he has acted essentially, he has become the enabler of the resistance movement. Look the left is acting the way they telegraphed, it was the job of the Senate Republicans to support the president and this nominee because what is at stake in the Supreme Court are literally life and death matters and here we have Jeff flake folding like a stack of cards. It’s a disgrace, judge."

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