Richard Herman: ‘Dr. Ford Could Have Produced a Videotape, It Wouldn’t Have Mattered’

‘They’re going to vote Kavanaugh in no matter what’


HERMAN: "I mean, the FBI will reach out to people, they’re going to ask people their recollection of events that took place 36 years ago and they’re going to rush and do this in less than a week. Can you imagine if the president said, finish the Benghazi investigation in less than a week and give us your report. You can’t do this in less than a week. You do it for the amount of time that’s necessary. It’s a farce, Fred, the whole thing is a farce. They’re going to vote Kavanaugh in no matter what. Dr. Ford could have produced a videotape, it wouldn’t have mattered. All because of this, get your pen out, tribalism. This is what controls politics today."

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