Chris Murphy: Ford Was Telling the Truth and ‘Brett Kavanaugh Throughout His Testimony Seemed to Have a Loose Grasp of the Truth’

‘I got just as much input about his tone and his tenor’


HAYES: "What is your — what is your constituent response been like in the last, say, 24 hours?"

MURPHY: "Yeah, absolutely overwhelming. And obviously the main focus is on my constituents’ belief that Dr. Ford is telling the truth and that Brett Kavanaugh throughout his testimony seemed to have a loose grasp of the truth, even with respect to some minor details about his high school days. But I’ve got to tell you, I got just as much input about his tone and his tenor. There were lots of people who were calling our office, e-mailing our office about the idea that anyone, Republican or Democrat, would allow somebody to get onto the Supreme Court who is this political, who nakedly claimed in front of the committee that this was all just a liberal, Democratic, pro-Clinton conspiracy."

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