Katie Pavlich: There Were ‘Glaring Holes’ in Ford’s Testimony

‘Everyone is careful talking about the credibility of the woman’


PAVLICH: "Everyone has been very careful talking about the credibility of the woman. Listening to her answers from the outside prosecutors. There were major discrepancies from what she said to her attorneys, to The Washington Post, and what we have seen her say. For example, she said she only told her husband and therapist about the sexual assault. But then yesterday, she said she actually talked to people on the beach, her beach friends about this and that's when she decided to go and contact the media, and they encouraged her to do it. There were glaring holes yesterday in her testimony. She couldn't remember a number of things that happened in the past 7 weeks, not the mention the past 32 years. I understand things are difficult to remember when traumatic things happen. However, when it comes down to this, all of the evidence of character, which is what matters here because it happened so long ago, it's on the side of Brett Kavanaugh. The people that she says were in the room all say don’t know about it."

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