CNN’s Powers: Kavanaugh Hearing Was ‘Triggering’ to Assault Survivors

‘Women feel they could come forward and people listen to her story’


POWERS: “Well, I have to say, and I assume other people had the same experience, I was hearing all day from friends who had experienced sexual assault and they were having a very hard time all day long. Yeah, I think my experience has been exactly the same. I think what was also very triggering to a lot of women — I mean, I guess Ana is right where women feel they could come forward and people listen to her story and then you look at what happened after she told her story and what you saw was a bunch of men raging, truly raging, and making accusations about, you know, a political plot and all of these other things that we don’t have time to go into how it doesn’t make even sense, how the Democrats could have gone back to 2012 and have her telling her therapist about it. The plot doesn’t really add up. But the reaction, I think, was what was very triggering to a lot of women, and then the fact that it looks like he is probably going to get on the Supreme Court. So in the end, does it really matter?"

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