Rangel Attacks ‘Bad Taste’ of NYPD Officers Turning Backs on de Blasio

‘For those people that had bad taste, or put a bad face on a terrible situation ... we should be more considerate of each other’

SAVIDGE: “You know, we saw some of the officers who turned their back towards the church where inside Mayor de Blasio was speaking. Some might say that took attention away from the funeral and from the death of Officer Ramos and his partner. Your thoughts?”
RANGEL: “Well, it was poor judgment. And today was such a beautiful homecoming that for those people that had bad taste or put a bad face on a terrible situation, I for one got a spirit out of that service that we should be more considerate of each other and not be pointing fingers at each other and try to improve our behavior and our communication and appreciate what we've got, so that it's going to be hard for me to respond to any question that would be a critique of some things that have been wrong. We've lost two heroes. Now is not the time to be pointing fingers but coming together and seeing what we can do to work better together, because one thing is clear, that while we lost two heroes, every speaker made it clear that we, too, have a short period of time on this earth to do the right thing. And it was a sad thing, but the way the New York City police were lauded by people from all over the country just made us proud to be New Yorkers and to have the New York City Police Department.”

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