Allie Beth Stuckey: Ashley Kavanaugh Is Being Attacked Because She Doesn’t Advance the Leftist Agenda

‘It’s believe all women that advance the leftist agenda’


STUCKEY: "I’m not surprised because I know the fine print below this 'Believe all women' mantra. It’s 'Believe all women that advance the leftist agenda.' Anyone who does not advance the leftist agenda is not to be believed. In fact, they are supposed to be intimidated and condescended and silenced the way that they are trying to do with Ashley Kavanaugh. We are supposed to believe all of these women who don’t know Kavanaugh, who don’t know Kavanaugh’s wife, who don’t know Kavanaugh’s accusers. But we're not supposed to believe the woman who can vouch for the character of the person she has known for almost two decades now. It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s right out of the leftist playbook and I’m not really surprised."

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