Mika: What Trump Said About 2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Is ‘Disgusting’

‘What he said about the accuser is simply disgusting’

BRZEZINSKI: “What he said about the accuser is simply disgusting. But, Willie, I guess we can back up and put that in a box. There are so many self-inflicted wounds on the part of the Republicans. The vote on Friday calling the — I think it’s a female prosecutor, sex crimes prosecutor, who will possibly be doing the questioning tomorrow. An assistant? I mean, some of them are small fails, but my God, come on, get it right.”
GEIST: "The President stayed on message for several days. The White House, his senior aides, Rick Tyler, had gotten to the President and said, 'You cannot go after the women. You can say what you want, that Brett Kavanaugh is a good man, that you believe that, but you can’t go after the women.' Well, he threw that completely out the window yesterday. As Mika said, the Judiciary Committee now has Rachel Mitchell, a highly esteemed sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona coming in to do some of the questioning of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh tomorrow."

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