CNN’s Tapper: Trump Turning from His ‘Relative Restraint’ and Is Now Attacking Kavanaugh Accusers

‘President Trump clearly using his bully pulpit today to set the stage for Thursday’s hearing’


TAPPER: "The President there clearly taking a turn from his relative restraint a week ago after Professor Blasey Ford first shared her story publicly. And the message from the White House at the time was that she must be heard and not insulted. The President instead today charging both women are making 'false accusations, the likes of which have never been seen before.' Yet despite this show of force from the President and top Republicans, Kavanaugh right now does not appear to have the votes to be confirmed in the Senate with key Republicans remaining undecided and saying they’re waiting to hear from Blasey Ford on Thursday. One of those senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is even indicating she would also like to hear from Deborah Ramirez, and she said an FBI investigation opposed by the President and top Republicans would help clear things up. President Trump clearly using his bully pulpit today to set the stage for Thursday’s hearing. In addition to questioning Ramirez’s account, because she had been drinking, and Blasey Ford’s account because she didn’t file charges with the police when the attack happened, allegedly in early ‘80s, the White House just announced on the eve of this hearing, tomorrow, he will hold a very rare solo press conference, no doubt in effort to get in front of this highly anticipated testimony."

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