Andy Biggs on Rosenstein: This Was ‘Effectively a Coup Attempt’

‘He’s kidding around about trying to find a way to invoke the 25th amendment which is basically saying the president is mentally unstable’


FAULKNER: "Democrats are urging Rosenstein not to resign in order to protect the Mueller probe. Republican congressman Andy Biggs of the House Judiciary Committee, part of the Freedom Caucus, and was cosponsor of the impeachment articles for Rosenstein in July. Here we are, Congressman. Thank you for joining me. Now talking about these impeachment proceedings potentially against Rosenstein, has it changed any, do you think it will happen?"

BIGGS: "It’s definitely changed. What we are talking about here is effectively a coup attempt if you want to think about it. He was saying it was a joke, if it happened it all it was just a joke. He’s kidding around about trying to find a way to invoke the 25th Amendment which is basically saying the President is mentally unstable. I think it’s very serious and I think it adds some gravitas, additional gravitas to all the issues we’ve had with the Department of Justice which was the impetus of the original articles of impeachment. We'll have to see whether he’s willing to come and testify."

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