AP Reporter Grills State Dept. Spokeswoman Over Drone Strikes Civilian Casualties

‘And what – you have a monopoly on the accurate picture?’

AP Reporter Grills State Dept. Spokeswoman on Civilian Casualties of Drone Strikes (RealClearPolitics)

LEE: “I know your sources better.”
HARF: “Can I finish my sentence before you ask a follow-up?”
LEE: “Go ahead.”
HARF: “Thank you. What I am saying is that we have a variety of sources. Obviously, the intelligence community has all source analysts. They look at a variety of different sources when they make assessments. That all goes into assessments of civilian casualties, which is much more than just one piece of that, right? That’s much more than just talking to folks on the ground who may not have been there at the time of a certain operation, who may not have full information into it. We take a full, holistic picture of what happened before and after such operations to make determinations about these things. So it’s a much more complete picture than any one nongovernmental organization would likely have on the ground.”

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