McConnell Rips The New Yorker’s ‘Orchestrated, Last Minute Hit’ on Kavanaugh

‘Let’s put aside this last-minute unsubstantiated smear, let’s return to the facts’


MCCONNELL: "Evidently, several Democratic offices knew of this allegation for at least a week, but like with Dr. Ford’s claim, they sat on this one, too, so the Committee could not take any proper action. They just wanted it to wind up in the press. Another orchestrated last-minute hit on the nominee. And now they’re acting like it’s a legitimate reason to delay things — to delay things even further, as though they hadn’t already announced themselves that they are completely opposed to this nomination anyway. As if they hadn’t already promised the far left they would lead the fight to bring this nomination down, whatever it took, whatever the cost, whatever it took, whatever the cost. Let’s put aside this last-minute unsubstantiated smear. Let’s return to the facts. Let’s have a fair hearing on Thursday.”

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