Mimi Rocah: GOP ‘Trying to Shame and Bully’ Kavanaugh’s Accusers

‘They’re often not taken seriously’


ROCAH: "You know, the president could have responded in so many different ways, and the way that he chose to respond, though, really I think shows, you know, and brings into focus why this is becoming a galvanizing moment for so many women. Because instead of saying, well, let’s see, let's see how this plays out, he basically said I don’t believe her because she didn’t report it back then in the 1980s, you know, when really this was taking even less seriously. And, you know, it -- it really couldn’t have been that bad. And that’s just so offensive to I think so many women, people in general, some of whom are themselves victims, and even if you’re not you just understand that this is Trump and frankly so many of the Republican men in power right now trying to shame and bully these women who are coming forward. And, you know, I think the point is that as you say, as Steph pointed out in her statistics, as Doug was just saying, there are about, you know, dozens of reasons why these don’t get reported. They’re often not taken seriously. And again, this -- some of these did occur a long time ago which presents its own challenges and but they were taken even less seriously back then.”

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