Ronan Farrow: It’s ‘Typical’ for Women to Only Remember Sexual Assault 30 Years Later

‘This is behavior that is not atypical in cases of trauma’

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FARROW: “So, I think it's important to note this is behavior that is not atypical in cases of trauma, in cases that stem from claims of many years ago, and -- and  in cases that involve heavy drinking, which she readily admitted this was. This is a woman who did not come forward with a press release. Her story was  recounted unbeknownst to her, to senators who began looking at this claim and she was placed at the center of a firestorm. The fact that she took several days to carefully think about whether she wanted to cast herself into this maelstrom is I think, certainly, you know, an acknowledgment of the facts that there were gaps in her memory, as is often the case with memories influenced by alcohol, but also an indication of her extraordinary degree of caution."

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