Ben Shapiro to Gillibrand: If I Accused You of Eating Babies, Would You Ask the FBI To Investigate You?

‘Imagine that you are Brett Kavanaugh for just a second and imagine you are innocent for just a second’

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SHAPIRO: "Imagine that you are Brett Kavanaugh for just a second and imagine you are innocent for just a second. A woman comes forward and accuses you of attempting to rape her nearly 40 years ago, do you call for an FBI investigation of yourself? Let’s say I accuse you of eating human babies, they’re cute, cuddly, I accuse you of boiling them ingesting them with eggs Benedict, do you deny it? Ask the FBI to investigate, if you don’t, come on! That’s not how an innocent person would act. You want an FBI investigation. The real agenda has nothing to do with whether Brett Kavanaugh actually attempted to sexually assault a girl 36 years ago, has everything to do with painting a picture. A picture of evil Republican sexists who don’t care about women who are sexually abuse. Senator Mazie hirono of Hawaii says men should shut up and believe the accuser."

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