Matthew Dowd on Kavanaugh Accusation: ‘For 5,000 Years Women Have Been Treated as Property’

‘Women have dealt with this for hundreds and hundreds of years’

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CHRISTIE: This is a guy who’s going to have his career, his reputation --


GASPARD: Respectfully -- respectfully, women have had much worse taken away --


DOWD: Women aren’t -- women aren’t -- women aren’t looking at this -- most women are not looking at this politically. I’m going to reiterate this. They’re looking at this as if their finally voice is going to be heard and if they’re going to be believed. For 5,000 years, women have been treated as property. For centuries by institutions including the Catholic church, which I’m a member of, they’ve been treated as second class citizens. Women didn’t get the right to vote in this country until 1920 even though they were told in the 1780s that all -- all men are created equal in this.

Women have dealt with this for hundreds and hundreds of years and the question is is will they be believed when they -- when they -- when they actively accuse a powerful man.

(via NewsBusters)

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