Mazie Hirono Dodges When Asked About Keith Ellison Abuse Charges

‘Meanwhile, in the next week or so, we have before us a nominee under a cloud’


HIRONO: "I made it very clear I make no excuse for anybody who engages in these kinds of behavior. As far as Keith Ellison, these charges need to be investigated. Meanwhile in the next week or so, we have before us a nominee under a cloud. We are left with basically he said, she said. This happens a lot in the content of sexual assault. We know this. For example, when the person who is running against my sister, Heidi heitkampf, when he said nothing happened, really? I don't think North Dakota should be electing somebody who thinks that rape is not a crime. I want to be very laser focused on the fact that this person, who already has credibility issues, he will misstate the holding of a case, cases that I'm very familiar with. He will misapply the case. I said at his hearing, I do not want to have a person on the Supreme Court who doesn't seem to be able to apply the facts in ways that do not meet his outcome-driven agenda. At the same time, we now have this cloud. We already have one person on the Supreme Court who got there under this cloud. We should not have another."

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