Steve Schmidt: Trump ‘Poses a Profound Danger to ... Literally Every Inhabitant on Planet Earth’

‘People in there executing the president’s wishes on a daily basis who some day soon, when this is all over will be out there saying Donald Trump who’

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SCHMIDT: “Well, I think it’s very clear that this President, and he’s proven it himself, we don’t need any confirming accounts that he’s fundamentally unfit for the office that he holds. That there’s chaos in the White House. That it’s a food fight. That it’s, you know, a bunch of monkeys throwing excrement at each other on any given day. We’ve watched it play out for years now. I do think there’s a couple categories of people in the White House. There are accomplices. Sarah Huckabee Sanders would fall deeply in that category. There are people who are serving necessarily. Jim Mattis. And I think there would be global panic if you saw the Secretary of Defense step down from his post. You have careerists in the White House. Those people are people who like the title, like the motorcade, like the fancy situations they find themselves in but don’t particularly like Donald Trump. And they think there’s some virtue in that. And, lastly, we just have your plain old hypocrite. People in there executing the President’s wishes on a daily basis who some day soon, when this is all over will be out there saying Donald Trump who? I was fighting him all along from the inside. So we have a mix of people, you know, there, and there’s a few of them, though, that I think are vital to protecting, let’s say, the armed forces from the President of the United States. Protecting the world from the whims of the President of the United States. Because on any given moment, the combination of his erratic behavior, his ignorance could pose a profound danger to every single person in this country and literally every inhabitant of the planet Earth.”

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