Scarborough on Ford: Republicans ‘Don’t Want to Get Her Up There’

‘This is why they don’t want her to get up there’


DEUTSCH: "What the Republicans don’t understand — and she will get up there. But I don’t know if any of these Republicans ever have any wives or daughters or sisters or friends that in any way have gone through an assault. But when you listen to a woman talk about how she’s gone through and they remember what the breath smells like and everything about it and their eyes well up in tears, do they not understand what’s going to happen when this woman gets up there? If they in any way, shape —"
SCARBOROUGH: “Of course they do. This is why they don’t want her to get up there.”
DEUTSCH: "But she will get up there."
SCARBOROUGH: "But they don't want her to get up there. So now they're trying to maybe get a legal counsel to ask questions. I'm sure they're thinking hopefully they can find a woman who can be a legal counsel to get up there and ask the questions, but now Ford is saying they're not going to do that."   

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