Jeanne Shaheen: ‘The Fix Has Been in on Judge Kavanaugh from the Beginning’

‘It started when they refused to release most of his records’


SHAHEEN: "Well, I hope Christine Ford does come and testify. I think it’s important for the public to hear her story. I understand why she’s reluctant to do that, because she’s already been the subject of death threats and -- and sadly, we see that this is an example of why sexual assault is so hard to get our arms around, because the victims are blamed often, and they’re not believed, and that’s why they’re reluctant to come forward. This is an artificial timeline that has been set by Senator Grassley, but it’s an indication the fix has been in on Judge Kavanaugh from the very beginning. It started when they refused to release most of his records. We've only seen 10 percent of what’s his background, and that hasn’t been made available to the public. So I hope she’s testifies, I want to hear her story, but I understand her reluctance."

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