Fallon: Putin Confirms Trump’s Toadstool Penis

‘People are still talking about Stormy Daniels’ new book’

FALLON: "Here’s what — here’s what people are talking about. Tomorrow, President Trump is holding a campaign rally in Las Vegas. And afterwards, his staff will take him to the Hoover dam and try to convince him it’s the wall.  “Beautiful. You’re doing a great job.” But President Trump actually has several plans while he’s in Vegas. For instance, he’s going to throw a penny in the Bellagio fountain and wish he never met Stormy Daniels. That’s right. People are still talking about Stormy Daniels’ new book where she said that trump’s — yeah.  His — Looked like toad from Mario kart. Even more upsetting, today, Vladimir Putin confirmed it. He was like, “It’s true. It’s true.”

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