Psaki on Kavanaugh: ‘Very Rare’ for Women To ‘Falsely Accuse’ a Man of Sexual Assault

‘We should hold our Supreme Court justices to the highest standard’


PSAKI: "Look, I think the question should be why shouldn't there be middle ground? Shouldn't even Republican senators, I certainly hope Republican senators listen to what David Urban has to say. But shouldn’t they want to get to the bottom of this and take the time necessary. I think a justifiable question, which David also seems to agree with is why is Monday the rushing time? Why wouldn’t there be more witnesses? Why couldn’t there be a thorough process to get to the bottom of these accusations? As I said in the earlier part of the show, it is very rare for a woman to falsely accuse a man of sexual assault. That being said, this is a person who is being hired for a lifetime appointment, so let's take the time, whether that's days, weeks, months, to get to the bottom of it. And I don't think there should be a middle ground or a lesser ground when it's something that's that significant. We should hold our Supreme Court justices to the highest standard."

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