RNC Chair: ‘It’s Just So Politically Calculating What the Democrats Have Done’ To Kavanaugh

‘It’s just so politically calculating what the Democrats have done’


McDANIEL: “Well, it’s just so politically calculating what the Democrats have done. Dianne Feinstein received this letter 45 days before she revealed it. In that time frame, there were 30 hours of testimony by Judge Kavanaugh. She had a private meeting with him. She held this in her back pocket for political reasons. That’s just not how you treat an allegation that you want to treat seriously that you're calling for an FBI investigation. So they did it for a political purpose. Voters are seeing through this. Chairman Grassley has done such a remarkable job saying we will meet with Dr. Ford privately, we want to hear her side of the story. We will make accommodations to make sure she has an opportunity to testify. Democrats now are doubling down on well, we need an investigation. The only person who can tell her side of the story is Dr. Ford. Democrats put this off to the 11th hour because they wanted it to delay. These are tactics that they have used along this whole process with 451 interruptions, with 202 arrests during the hearings. It’s shameful, it is degrading to our nomination process and they should be pushing to have an investigation. They should have done it two months ago and they should be calling out Dianne Feinstein for sitting on this letter.”

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