Brit Hume: Dr. Ford’s Demand About Testifying Is ‘Pretty Transparent’ and It’s About ‘Delay, Delay, Delay’

‘The whole idea of this is to postpone the vote as long as possible’


HUME: "It’s pretty transparent and it all points in one direction. Delay, delay, delay. We know based on what we’ve been told at least that Christine Ford wasn’t reluctant to come forward and was induced somehow to do so. Chuck Schumer was saying the other day, she should be able to get on her timetable but it looks like the Democrats minutes to accelerate the timetable, perhaps not in her best interest. This is a sensitive matter with her and it has caused her as far as we know some pain and difficulty. It has the appearance that she has been pushed and now she may be pushing back. Or she doesn’t want to testify understandably. She never apparently did want to testify. And now of course they are finding a way to use that to say, we need an FBI investigation because the whole idea of this is to postpone the vote as long as possible. Obviously I think the Democrats had some hope that perhaps what they thought these explosive allegations would sink the nomination but that clearly isn’t going to happen at least at this stage."

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