Chuck Todd: Maybe Kavanaugh Should Withdraw, Spare Country ‘Tinderbox’ Hearing

‘I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if he chose to withdraw and chose to back down’


GUTHRIE: "That is exactly my next question. I mean, just the specter of a hearing, a public hearing. We have seen this before. Anita hill, Clarence Thomas, who could forget, a generation ago. What a high-wire act for both parties."

TODD: "It’s a high-wire act and I – and, you know, this one is actually in an election year. I remember that, I was here in Washington for that. And that wasn’t an election year, it was the beginning of a presidential campaign. And it seemed to divide, not just this town, but this country. This one, because we’re so close to an election, because of the Donald Trump era. This one feels like a tinderbox."

(Via NewsBusters)

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