GMA: GOP ‘Older White Men’ Better Be ‘Very Careful’ Questioning Kavanaugh Accuser

‘I think that, that is an optic that the GOP has to be very careful about’


ABRAMS: "It sounds like the defense here is going to be, “Maybe she thinks that this happened, right? Maybe she believes that this happened. Could it have been a case of mistaken identity? Could there will other explanations?” But the point is, exactly what happened 35 years ago, where did it happen, what was the date, etcetera, becomes less important today, I think, than simply, do they think that Judge Kavanaugh is telling the truth?"

STEPHANOPOULOS: "It sounds like this is gonna be a huge gut check for the Senate and the country."

HOSTIN: "Absolutely. And let’s face it, on the GOP side, you have older white men, only,  interviewing this woman. I think that, that is an optic that the GOP has to be very careful about."

(Via NewsBusters)

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