Litman on Trump’s Declassification: ‘Hopefully’ the FBI ‘Bureaucracy’ Will Create ‘a Little Less Transparency’

‘Among intelligence officials and anybody with any grown-ups you would know it’s deeply ‘

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LITMAN: "At the end of the day, he’s the president. By the way, he’s also on top of everything else, he’s the subject in the criminal investigation. Makes it more deeply abnormal. But there is going to be, I think, a little bit of a bureaucratic stalling maneuver, and a hope to kind of temporize this. They say, 'Well, he’s ordered the beginning of a declassification process.' They may at the end of the day hope to, you know, come out with a little bit less transparency, being the word of the day on Capitol Hill. But he is the president and he has the ultimate authority.”

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