Ingraham: ‘Reasonable People’ Can Conclude Kavanaugh Allegations Are Part of ‘Alinskyite’ ‘Political Hit Job’

‘The very idea Schumer or anyone else will be able to get to the bottom of a 36-year-old allegation is ludicrous’


INGRAHAM: "Oh, well, no one knows anything about this yet apparently, she hasn’t testified, but Chuck Schumer is supremely confident. The very idea Schumer or anyone else will be able to get to the bottom of a 36-year-old allegation is ludicrous. And chuck, as you know, lie detectors aren’t admissible in court for a reason. Lindsey Graham made a point earlier today, it is odd she decided to take a lie detector test, she wanted to remain anonymous. Hmm. The fact is, no way to ensure Brett Kavanaugh will receive due process here because allegations such as this, they should have been examined in any of the six F.B.I. Background checks that Brett Kavanaugh underwent, but instead, this was dropped less than a week before his committee vote and as such, a lot of reasonable people can conclude that this is all part of a political hit job, a well orchestrated, elinscite trying to cause damage to Kavanaugh, President Trump and the midterm for the Republicans, put maximum political pressure, especially people like corker or flake, they are not running for re-election, what are they supposed to do? Anita hill this weekend dropped a statement designed to insulate the accuser from criticism and meaningful questioning. In box any male Republican questioning Ford in an open forum, she wrote the following. Given the seriousness of these allegations, the government needs to find a fair and neutral way for complaints to be investigated. I’ve seen first hand what happens when such a process is weaponized against an accuser and no one should have to endure that again. Christine blasey-ford’s attorney Katz claims her client is willing to appear before the Judiciary Committee."

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